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Taking Action Steps Despite the Apparent Competition

November 14, 2010 By: fiona Category: Taking action

As I continue on this path of exploration I realise that I am becoming easily distracted by what lots of other people around me are doing. Sometimes I imagine these things are relevant and other times they are completely random.

I’m aware that my subconscious beliefs are dictating what I do and how I do it. I imagine that I’m not doing things fast enough or well enough. And then I start to get nervous and find myself coming off course.

Since I have started this blog and made a statement as to what I would like to work towards, it’s amazing how many examples of similar things have begun to manifest in my world. If I were to allow these things to block my view and undermine my confidence, I would never get going.

It is so true that Richard Branson would never have got to where he is if he had been put off by some of the larger companies that were already doing what he was aiming to do.

I’ve found it a bit unnerving when people closer to home have strangely started doing things I have talking about doing, suddenly, totally out of the blue. But when I take a moment to find stillness, I see that the universe is simply challenging me, urging me forward, helping me to get clarity and take steps where I might have stood still in my moments of indecision. It’s so easy to act like a rabbit sitting there frozen in the light cast by the oncoming cars.

The particular people I am referring to are, in my eyes, doing a fabulous job. I could really feel quite small and insignificant alongside them. ……or not.

As I contemplated my feelings of unworthiness this morning, I realised that this could always go two ways. Either I withdraw, deciding that I won’t take the challenge. Or I become galvanized into action, deciding to take others’ actions as an example and overcoming my fears to move forward.

I’m opting for moving forward and am now making a mental note to set something into action that I was procrastinating about.

So thank you to those of you who have unknowingly stepped forward and got me going again. You’ve done me a service and I’m grateful for that.