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Breathing New Life into the Cosmic Web Project

March 22, 2013 By: fiona Category: The Cosmic Web Artisans

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I was last present on this site. To be honest I didn’t know what direction to go in with all of this and had just lovingly decided to lay it all to one side until I got more clarity.

Just recently I started up an artisans’ group and gave it the name The Cosmic Web. It was only a few days ago that I came to the realisation that it would be wonderful to bring the group onto this site and create a presence for the lovely people who take part in the activities.

So from now on you can enjoy reading about what we all get up to and I’ll be sharing photos and other niceties with you, letting you be a part of our process.

In the meantime you can read a bit more about the group by going to the dedicated page I have opened up: The Cosmic Web Artisans. If you think you’d like to join us, all the details are on the link.

Looking forward to sharing with you in the next few days.


Fiona & Friends: Rita Hraiz in Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

April 20, 2012 By: fiona Category: Fiona and Friends

Rita Hraiz is one of those souls who is an absolute delight and inspiration to know. Her vibrant smile and open, embracing energy touches all those she connects with. And it’s my absolute pleasure to have her with me in the virtual Blog Talk Radio studio on Wednesday 25th April.

Rita is perhaps known to some of you as a soul centred astrologer, to others as an amazing designer of gorgeous colour therapy inspired clothing and perhaps to others as a gifted visionary artist. You may also know her from her tantra workshops or esoteric talks and retreats. But the same energy pervades everything she does.

She is uplifting, inspiring and creative and has a deep commitment to truth on all levels.

I would love you to come and tune in as we talk in the show so that you get can to know Rita if you haven’t yet had the pleasure. She has taught and given talks globally over the years and shares her deep esoteric wisdom with those who feel drawn to her.

If you’d like to get some detailed background information about Rita and her work, I’m going to share some links with you to articles that put her life and work into perspective:

- Rita Hraiz: A biography of my next guest on Blog Talk Radio

- Rita Hraiz – blog post on her clothes brand


But there’s a special treat in store for you all this week.

Rita is offering free short astrological readings to those of you who call in live to the studio.

I’ll be sharing with you at the start of the show how you can do this and talk directly to Rita.

So if you’d like to listen to the Blog Talk Radio show live, you can tune in through the following link:


If you can’t manage to join us live, the great news is that this show goes straight into the archive and that means you can listen to it later when you have time.

If you’d like to find out more about Rita’s work, here are some links you might find useful:

Rita Hraiz in Mudra

Soul Centred Astrology

Email Rita


Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web with Andrew Davis

February 12, 2012 By: fiona Category: Fiona and Friends

I’m so looking forward to our next episode of ‘Fiona and Friends’. This coming Wednesday I’ll have the very lovely Andrew Davis in the studio talking to me about following the raw food lifestyle.

I met him a few months ago when I took part in Genesis Sunfire’s spiritual bootcamp which many of you will have heard about as I documented the whole process in blog posts and videos.

Andrew began transitioning to the raw food lifestyle 7 years ago and today he has a company which sells raw food products in many high street health food stores around England.

We’re going to be chatting about the challenges that you can meet along the way to ‘going raw’ as well as how Andrew has been building up his business.

And in addition to that, we’re going to be having a friendly chat about all sorts of things and even open the lines to you, the callers, in the second half so that you can ask Andrew any questions you might have or just say hello.

We’d love you to give us a call: toll-free within the US and by Skype for everyone else. The details are on the show page.

So here’s the link to the show: Fiona and Friends: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web with Andrew Davis

And for those of you can’t make it ‘live’, this link will take you to the archived version of the show so that you can still listen to our chat and find out what Andrew has to share with us.

Contact details:

The Raw Food School Website -

The Raw Gourmet Website:


Source Wire article about Gourmet Raw:



Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

February 01, 2012 By: fiona Category: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web, Fiona and Friends

I’m thrilled that ‘Fiona and Friends’ is about to start. After several weeks of thinking constantly about it and not being completely sure of how to do it all, I just totally surrendered, picked a date and jumped in.

So here we are, ready to launch the show.

I’m really feel that I’m being guided by something so much greater than myself. This show has so wanted to be birthed and so here I am , just trusting and showing up and allowing the universe to do its work.

It feels great that Jen Duchene is with me on the first show. When I tuned in, she just appeared and so it was all settled right away. Funny how things have a way of manifesting perfectly when we just get out of the way.

I am excited at the thought of what lies ahead. I am so open to the challenge and know I will meet some absolutely amazing people along the way.

And I know that I am part of the great Mystery.

Thanks for being with me on this journey and being part of its unfolding.



Meeting Spirit to Spirit via my new Video Interview Series

June 25, 2011 By: fiona Category: Meeting Spirit to Spirit

I am so excited that a new series of mine is starting off in a few days. When I first started making videos of myself speaking, I really became aware of what an impact it has to be there, face to face, with people who don’t even know you.

It instantaneously creates a huge bond and opens the channel for trust and acceptance.

So I realised that this would be a wonderful way to introduce some lovely people to you who have a spiritual message to share and who are part of my vibrant, growing network. Each interview is presented in the form of a chat, which gives me the chance to ask them all sorts of questions about their work. This in turn gives you, the viewer, a great insight into their work as well as a glimpse into their personal world and lets you really meet them spirit to spirit.

There will be some I can’t meet in person and so, as an alternative, I’ll be doing audio interviews with them so that you have the chance of connecting with them through their voices. This is also a very magical way of tuning into people and enjoying their presence.

I’d love to encourage you to engage with these featured guests and ask questions below or let them know if you enjoyed watching. It’s really inspiring to get feedback and keeps the dialogue alive.

I look forward to sharing the launch of this on Monday and hope you’ll enjoy watching these videos as much as I enjoy making them.

Thank you for being there.