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Fiona & Friends: Jon Robson in Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

March 09, 2012 By: fiona Category: Fiona and Friends, Meeting Spirit to Spirit

I’m so looking forward to having my next guest with me on Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday 14th March. His name is Jon Robson. He’s a Brit now resident in Carbondale, Colorado and  is a very muti-facetted soul indeed.

We met a few years ago in Houston when we both attended a facilitator training with Dr. John Demartini  some of you may know from ‘The Secret’.

Jon struck me immediately as someone who had great determination to do whatever it took to allow him to be what he was being called to be.

A real warrior with heart.

And the more I have got to know him through extensive mutually inspiring Skype chats,  the more I have seen that this is true.

He has such an amazing clarity and sense of purpose that you can’t help but be inspired by who he is.

We will be taking you on Jon’s journey with him, from his background in martial arts through to the present day. And I really hope you will get a sense of how all the threads are truly coming together in Jon’s work.

He works today sharing a healing modality with people called Meta Medicine and we will be talking about this more extensively on the the radio show. But for now I’d like to share with you Jon’s own words:

META-Medicine**®** is a revolutionary integrative approach to
understanding the stress based root cause, the psychological meaning and
biological process of any illness. It works by using the body’s own
biological survival programming and scientifically maps physical symptoms,
via the brain, back to their primary cause.*

*META-Medicine® is a multi-disciplinary science based on empirical evidence
emerging from more than 30 years of Brain CT Scanning and epi-genetics. It
provides a complete biological-psychological and social evolutionary
health system resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the cause,
meaning and process of any illness. It  has 10 main principles and
redefines our understanding of health, dis-ease, healing and personal
development today.*

Our chat will help you to see how Meta Medicine can be relevant for everyone and give you insight into its practical application. If you feel moved to ask any questions, we’d love to have you call in live.

Jon also  has a blog where he shares thoughts and insights relating to his work and life and I’d really recommend having a look and seeing what he has to say. You can find it at :

And so it’s with great pleasure that I invite you to listen in to the conversation we had together. It goes live on Wednesday March 14th 2012 and after that it’s available in the archive for you to listen to at your leisure. This link takes you right there:

Fiona & Friends: Jon Robson in Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

If you’d like to find out more about Jon’s work and connect with him, here are some details that you might find useful -



FB page: 21st Century Health

Twitter: 21stCHealth and @JonRobsonUK

If you’ve enjoyed meeting Jon through this post and the interview, please share your comments and connect. Jon would love to hear from you. And please feel free to share this post with your friends too. Thanks for stopping by.