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Cosmic Web Artisans

I’m excited to share with you that a group of creative, spiritually orientated artisans has emerged under the Cosmic Web umbrella. It originated on the Etsy website where creative people sell their handmade wares. And I then decided to build an annexe on Facebook where we were able to more freely communicate and share ideas.

The next step was to bring Star Breiter, my Silk and Stars partner on board to help coordinate this project.

So we introduced the idea of creating monthly challenges to create a close-knit community and give everyone incentive to keep going and regularly produce new items based on the themes we set.

As I write this introduction the group has just completed its March challenge and we are about to head off into the April one.

I thought it would be wonderful to give the group a solid base and a space to pull everything together and so from now on I will be sharing the beautiful creations everyone makes as well as keeping you updated on our activities.

We intend to grow as we go and support each other mutually in gaining visibility.

If you think you would like to join us, please come on over to Facebook and sign up for our group: Facebook Cosmic Web Artisans.

You can sign up for our team of  the same name on Etsy: The Etsy Cosmic Web Team (we are less active there but post our group treasuries on that platform).

Watch out for posts about the CWA and what we are all getting up to. They’ll all be neatly archived in the Cosmic Web Artisans category for ease.

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