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Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

November 17, 2011 By: fiona Category: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web, Inspirations

I’m so excited about all the new changes that have been happening here over the past few weeks. But the one that stands out more than all the others is my venture into live radio shows.

I’ve created a Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web page on this blog which you can see by clicking on the tab above. I’ve included a video I made telling you all about the show that now runs on Sunday evenings at 8pm GMT.  I hold this space for you all to call in and receive a short soul reading  or general spiritual guidance. Click on the link and find out more.

And so I’m going to extend this energy onto a mid-week slot too, most probably Wednesday. Many of you will have listened to or watched the interviews that I have published on this site and know the type of work that I do.

I thought it would be a lovely idea to transfer some future interviews onto the live slot on Blog Talk Radio. That way many of you can listen in live and will have the opportunity to ask questions in the second half of the show. It makes our connection so much more dynamic and vibrant.

I feel that having this interaction will take things to a completely new level.

And what sort of things can you experience in the new show? I’ll be inviting beautiful souls I resonate with to share their lives and work with us in relaxed dialogue. Music, books, therapies, healing, community projects will be on the agenda and many other topics.

In the meantime I am already exploring new avenues and allowing spirit to speak to me in whatever way is most appropriate. Life is becoming much more inspiring and I am loving the challenges that are presenting themselves every step of the way.

Thanks for being here and helping to make this experience what is it.

If there’s anything in particular that you would love to hear on the new radio show, please share it here. I’d love to hear from you and am really open to suggestions that are in alignment with this project. Thanks.



Introducing Cheryl Rickman’s Book…and finding some deeper-lying spiritual principles

October 28, 2010 By: fiona Category: Inspirations

I think I mentioned earlier that I decided to work through ‘The Small Business Start-Up Book’ by Cheryl Rickman so that I can put together a whole business plan for my dream centre.

Cheryl’s book has been endorsed by Dame Annita Roddick and she has worked with many big names including Peter Jones of ‘The Dragon’s Den’.

I had actually bought a copy a few years back when I attended a course in Dublin but was unable to put my hand on it recently. It probably needed to go off and visit someone else. :-) Anyway I decided to just go ahead and get another one.

The thing I like about her book is that it is written by a woman. I know that’s a bit obvious but it just has a different feel to it from many of those other books written by her male counterparts. She takes quite a bit of time at the beginning to guide you through the process of finding big ideas and seeing where you get your inspiration. So there’s quite a lot of list-writing, just brain-storming, spontaneously writing down lots of ideas of where you would like to be going and what your concept of success looks like.

But then she asked this question: what’s motivating you to start up in the first place?

I began to write down all sorts of things that just came bursting out of me. And it became very obvious that I was being guided by my spiritual needs in all of this. I wrote that I wanted to connect on heart level with real people. I also wrote that I wanted to create a loving space, a home from home for people who feel spiritually lost and isolated.

I wrote down so many things, too many to mention here. But the one that really jumped out at me on reading it all again was this: I  want to feel alive and inspired every day.

It is true that if we want something, the easiest way to achieve this is to give it to someone else. It may sound paradoxical, yet when we stop to think about it, we can only give to others what we already have. And so in order for me to feel truly inspired every day, all I need to do is commit to inspiring others. And in order to inspire others, all I need to do is simply be me. Be all that I can be. Be all that I already am.

Which means that there is nothing to aspire to. Just breathing in and breathing out in equal measure. And this is certainly key in my feeling alive.

So strangely, what I want, I already have. And so it’s up to me to keep bringing my awareness back to this, to remind myself.

There’s a wonderful suggestion in Cheryl’s book for keeping you in a space of motivation. She calls it an ‘inspiration book’. You can fill it with pictures, quotes and visions which you can continue to look at and help you get back on track when you are having a difficult time. Put your milestones in it and keep reminding yourself of what your original inspiration was.

Well, I’ve started up my inspiration book and am looking forward to filling it with uplifting things which will be a joy and inspiration for me to refer to on my journey, which by the way I’m really enjoying.

The Vivid Dream

October 21, 2010 By: fiona Category: Inspirations

I know that I dream a lot in the night and very often I only have a fleeting sensation of what was going on, only remembering the energy of it.

But the other night I had one of those dreams that was very memorable, one that really stood out and grabbed my attention. And it was after I had done a lot of work thinking about where my new project was taking me and knowing that ultimately it would come to a total surrender on my part. An allowing and letting go.

This was what happened.

We were coming home and as we approached the house, I noticed that the front door was wide open. My heart skipped as I knew that something was wrong. As we got closer I could see into the hallway and noticed that it looked empty. We entered the house only to realise that our suspicions were confirmed. The whole house was completely empty. Completely. Every last thing had been removed. By them. I ran from room to room panicking, thinking that I would discover that everything was stashed in some hidden corner. It was not the case. There was nothing. I remembered realising that even if we could tell them that it was a mistake, there was no way we could reverse this. So we stood there with nothing and had to just get on with it. In a few seconds an eternity went by. Then things started happening and we had to react, get on with life with nothing. It felt extremely odd but the fear had gone….

The thing about this dream was that my senses were heightened, hugely magnified. It felt like the film was being played in slow motion.  I was sort of dreaming lucidly after that, thinking, ‘Oh my god, what a dream. That was really significant.’

For some strange reason I couldn’t bring myself to write this down in my journal until at least 24 hours had passed. Yes, the dream was very significant to me. It was stamped in indelible ink, flashing like a neon light in the dark. It was telling me all sorts of things and speaking very clearly to me about the way forward. And such transformation. Being stripped bare. Walking through fears and giving up control. So much food for thought – I could fill my journal a dozen times or more with insights.

And how beautifully illustrated by my subconscious. My coming home. I love the way my dream world speaks to me in such a clear language. I’m very thankful for the clarity and power contained within these messages.

Perhaps there is something here of significance for you too. Thank you for reading this.

The Cosmic Web and a New Way of Being

October 14, 2010 By: fiona Category: Inspirations

A very warm welcome to The Cosmic Web, a space I have opened up to share the process of coming home to a new way of being.

And the point comes when you realise that there is a job to be done. That there is a new way of being.

And all that remains to do is to respond to those deep inner promptings and allow that divine spark within full expression. Fully surrendering now and creating space for the joyful expression of who I AM.

In gratitude.