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I am in the process of revamping this site and bringing things up to date. The original Blog Talk Radio show no longer runs. However I am intending to resume my weekly slots in some form or another and ask for your patience while I literally get my act together. thank you. x


Welcome to my live Blog Talk Radio shows. You can connect with me on Sundays and Wednesdays, both at 8pm GMT and either just relax and listen in or call into the studio and chat to me.

The first one is ‘Sunday Soul Readings – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web’.

I’m so excited about being able to broadcast live and connect with you on soul level from all over the globe. Isn’t technology wonderful?

This first show offers mini readings to anyone who calls into the studio to chat to me. I always remind my listeners that whatever is shared is shared for everyone. So even if you don’t get a chance to ask a question, be open to receive what comes through during the show. It’s all relevant.

I also give out a discount code which you can use to book an individual session with me.

And now there is a second live show!

Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web’  on every second Wednesday.

And now I’m so excited to be able to launch my second show and share my interview work live with you too. This show features some lovely friends of mine and you will have the chance to call in and say hi and chat to them too. Here’s the video:

Huge thanks to all of you for being here and helping to co-create this project. I’m excited and love how all of this is growing. Without you it wouldn’t even be a show. Gratitude.


Every Sunday at 8pm GMT – ‘Sunday Soul Readings: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web’

- this live show runs for 1 hour and you can call in with questions and take part in a reading

Every Second Wednesday at 8pm GMT: ‘Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web’.

- this is the brand new show that is starting on Wednesday February 1st and runs for 90 minutes. I will be interviewing a friend and having some friendly chat. You can call in during the show and ask any questions you have.

NOTE: There is now a Flash player for the Blog Talk Radio shows embedded in this site. See top right of each page. Just click on there to listen to the latest show without leaving this site. Clicking on the show details links here will take you directly to my page on BTR.



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