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About the Cosmic Web

It always seems such a big deal searching for a suitable name to go with a new venture. Whether it’s a book, a shop, a new healing method or building a community, finding it’s name can prove to be quite a journey in itself. And it was no exception for me when I took the decision to start up this venture.

It was really clear that I needed to start to build the presence online from an early point and so I was faced with the challenge of finding a domain name to go with it.

I began to meditate on it, opening my mind to all sorts of suggestions and keeping my eyes and ears open for any hints and pointers that manifested. A few years ago I spoke to someone who told me that whenever I felt low on energy and upset without any reason, this was because I was tuning into the pain that the world was suffering because I was a triple Cancerian. She asked me to just take a moment to stop, close my eyes and send love and support to wherever it was needed in the universe and then let it go without expectation.

Well, a few days ago I decided to pick some angel cards to shed some light on what I was looking for. As I was reading the interpretation of the card I had chosen, I found what I was looking for. It told me to send love and light to the world through the cosmic web, otherwise known as the collective consciousness. The Cosmic Web. There it was. I rushed to my computer to google it and found some quite amazing information. It is a phrase which describes the compacted black matter in the universe which forms filaments. And these filaments give support and structure to the galaxies in the universe. How perfect.

And when I made a search to see if I could have this as my domain name….guess what? It was available. What are the chances? This was just waiting for me. I was so grateful that this had all unfolded in such an easy and effortless manner, indeed in such a way that I recognised it instantly.

So here we have it. The cosmic web. The invisible structure which lovingly holds and supports the galaxies within our universe.

Intending a constant flow of loving support from the cosmic web I am in the process of creating.

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  1. i love this Fiona, its very inspirational, this is the very journey we are all on, the journey to our own centre, and the beauty is when we touch that place we get to experience that the centre of the the galactic core is every where at once, its at this place we are all one, one theorically but in total reality !!! how cool is this

    well done I love your blogs and the title, when I next see you will you teach me how to start one with a layout like this I love it xx

    love light and power now restores the balance on planet earth

    Rita Hraiz

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Rita. And it’s thanks to you that I got going on this project again. I am grateful for your support and your presence.

    I’d love to give you any help on getting a blog started. Looking forward to connecting.

    Excited to take the challenge.


    Fiona xxx

  3. Hi Fiona
    Very nice description indeed of your ‘fibbing’ mind. Good for you for catching it and able to see its ‘tricks’. Fiona, Margo and I started a little ‘community’ to find people like yourself and establish a ‘practice’ for everyone to ‘look’ within, to do what you just described, namely become aware of the many illusions and entrapments of the world unless, we learn to transcend ‘them’. In other words, to take grater responsibility for our lives and by discerning the counterproductive patterns and together have the ability to change them. But we need help, we’ d like to find people like you for inspiration. Our sense of evolution is constantly hindered by ‘rubber neckers’ hoping to receive something as opposed to understand that the effort has to be made individually. Fiona, do you have any advice for us? Thank you, Julius

  4. Hi Julius

    Thanks for your comment. It’s lovely to hear that you have set up a community and are working on moving beyond the illusions the minds creates for us.

    Generally my advice to others is to completely focus on yourself. We are ultimately unable to change anyone else in this world and it’s through shining our own light and being an example to others that shifts occur. So just being who you truly are without regard for what others choose to do with that is the most powerful way of bringing about the change you would love to see.

    Ultimately there is no ‘out there’ and everything we create in our universe is reflected back to us through the people and situations we surround ourselves with. Taking responsibility for this and seeing it with eyes of truth is the most powerful thing I can do.

    Wishing you well with your community Julius.


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