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Fiona & Friends: Bliss Talk with Agnessa Piotrovskaja

February 20, 2012 By: fiona Category: Fiona and Friends

I’m so happy to be able to have Agnessa on the show with me on Feb. 29th on Fiona & Friends. Agnessa and I met on Twitter¬† and she immediately struck me with her beautiful connection to spirit. We then connected on Facebook and ‘chatted’ and then became friends.

You’re going to hear all about her amazing visionary artwork as well as her fascinating project entitled ‘The Break Free Challenge’. She has such a radiant light and this is apparent in all the work she does.

In the meantime you might like to have a look at her blog – The Bloggy Artist – and just read a bit about her journey so far. And she has another website with details of her various ventures at

I find her such an inspiration as she is one of those souls who truly walks her talk. We are all here to

Agnessa and The Emerald Virgin

remind each other who we are. That is what I resonate with in Agnessa. She does that.

I’d so love you to meet her.

If you’d like to listen in to our chat on Blog Talk Radio all you have to do is follow this link :

Fiona & Friends: Agnessa Piotrovskaja in Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

And for those of you who are unable to be there live, the great news is that you can listen to the recording from the archive at any time afterwards.

We will be opening the lines during the show so if you’d like to chat personally with Agnessa, say hello or ask her any questions, you are very welcome to come and do this. The call number is on the show page and you can connect via Skype if you aren’t in the US.

I thought you’d enjoying watching this video documenting the creation of ‘The Emerald Virgin’ which you can see in the photo here to the right. Enjoy.

And of course you can also listen to some sample of her beautiful voice work on her website. I am hoping to be able to add some excerpts here too so that you can feel into the energy of her music. All recordings are available to buy as MP3′s. I’m sure there will be a lot more on offer in the near future if these first few pieces are anything to go by.

So here are Agnessa’s contact details once again for those of you who would love to connect with her:

Email –

Website –

Blog –

Thanks for listening and connecting with us on the Cosmic Web. Blessings.


Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web with Andrew Davis

February 12, 2012 By: fiona Category: Fiona and Friends

I’m so looking forward to our next episode of ‘Fiona and Friends’. This coming Wednesday I’ll have the very lovely Andrew Davis in the studio talking to me about following the raw food lifestyle.

I met him a few months ago when I took part in Genesis Sunfire’s spiritual bootcamp which many of you will have heard about as I documented the whole process in blog posts and videos.

Andrew began transitioning to the raw food lifestyle 7 years ago and today he has a company which sells raw food products in many high street health food stores around England.

We’re going to be chatting about the challenges that you can meet along the way to ‘going raw’ as well as how Andrew has been building up his business.

And in addition to that, we’re going to be having a friendly chat about all sorts of things and even open the lines to you, the callers, in the second half so that you can ask Andrew any questions you might have or just say hello.

We’d love you to give us a call: toll-free within the US and by Skype for everyone else. The details are on the show page.

So here’s the link to the show: Fiona and Friends: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web with Andrew Davis

And for those of you can’t make it ‘live’, this link will take you to the archived version of the show so that you can still listen to our chat and find out what Andrew has to share with us.

Contact details:

The Raw Food School Website -

The Raw Gourmet Website:


Source Wire article about Gourmet Raw:



Fiona and Friends – Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web

February 01, 2012 By: fiona Category: Bliss Talk on the Cosmic Web, Fiona and Friends

I’m thrilled that ‘Fiona and Friends’ is about to start. After several weeks of thinking constantly about it and not being completely sure of how to do it all, I just totally surrendered, picked a date and jumped in.

So here we are, ready to launch the show.

I’m really feel that I’m being guided by something so much greater than myself. This show has so wanted to be birthed and so here I am , just trusting and showing up and allowing the universe to do its work.

It feels great that Jen Duchene is with me on the first show. When I tuned in, she just appeared and so it was all settled right away. Funny how things have a way of manifesting perfectly when we just get out of the way.

I am excited at the thought of what lies ahead. I am so open to the challenge and know I will meet some absolutely amazing people along the way.

And I know that I am part of the great Mystery.

Thanks for being with me on this journey and being part of its unfolding.