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Meeting Spirit to Spirit on Video: Kundalini Dance and Conscious Clubbing in Bristol

June 27, 2011 By: fiona Category: Meeting Spirit to Spirit

I am really thrilled to launch my new series today, one I have been thinking about for a long time now and have at last brought to life. Many of you will know that I have begun doing interviews on my blog with lovely people I know who have a spiritual message to share. I’m very grateful for the wonderful feedback I have received after publishing them.

It seemed to me that the next logical step was to share these people on camera and really allow you to appreciate them for who they are.

Today I am thrilled excited to introduce my kundalini yoga teacher,Mark Keane,  who is talking to you in this video about how he weaves his knowledge of the kundalini energy into other events that he offers. Just click on the start button and enjoy.

If you’d like to read the interview I published earlier this year on my blog, here is : Awakening¬† the Kundalini in Bristol with Mark Keane.

It’s always so valuable to receive feedback and I enjoy it as much as I know all of you do. If you liked this video, I’d love to hear. Please share it around and let others know about it too as this will help to spread the energy of the Cosmic Web in an organic way.

And if you resonated with some of the things Mark talked about and would love to get to know him a bit better, he would love to hear from you too. You can share your thoughts by clicking on Comments below or connect with Mark directly as follows:

The Sleeping Serpent website

Conscious Clubbing website

Conscious Clubbing Facebook page

Sleeping Serpent Facebook page

Email Mark

Have any of you reading this taken part in any events like the ones Mark describes? We’d love you to share your experiences here on this page. Thanks.

10 Comments to “Meeting Spirit to Spirit on Video: Kundalini Dance and Conscious Clubbing in Bristol”

  1. Colin Appleby says:

    Hi Fiona

    You have an attractive home page. How did you create the artwork at the top of the page?


  2. Fiona, I absolutely love this video!! Truthfully, at 34+ minutes, I thought I’d watch just a few moments and read the text. But… I became so interested in what Mark’s doing that I put the video on pause, made lunch and brought the laptop into the kitchen to finish watching as I lunched.

    Mark has such a calming quality about him — you are very fortunate to have him as your yoga instructor! I loved how he was talking about the different types of music for each chakra — I’d never heard anyone talk about that before.

    I’m going to Wanderlust next month at Squaw Valley — I’ll definitely look into the Kundalini offerings.

    Now I need to plan a trip to Bristol and go conscious clubbing!!

    Heidi (& Atticus)
    “commentary to give you paws…”

    • Heidi, I loved that you loved this and love that you stopped by to leave a comment. Please look into doing some kundalini classes as it is just something else.

      I was lucky enough to attend my first kundalini dance class this evening and can vouch that ecstatic is certainly the right word for it, as Mark says. In fact, I felt so ecstatic that I went straight upstairs and recorded some video in the aftermath.

      Yes, please come to Bristol and join in. I’d love to have you here. xx

  3. Quite interesting, Fiona, and most of it entirely new to me. I’m familiar with the chakras but nothing about the kundalini dance or yoga. I found Mark’s journey to finding these spiritual paths as interesting as the information itself. Very calming to listen, too, as well!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinary life.”

    • Hi Judy, thanks for listening in despite it being completely new territory for you. And great to hear you found it calming. Thanks for the feedback. x

  4. Great interview guys, keep up the good work! xx

  5. Hi Fiona, I dont practice Kundalini yoga but did attend a workshop on meditation with Mark last weekend and would reccomend that to anyone(return to presence), also I will keep an eye on your website as it looks ‘interesting’. good luck and best wishes, Phil.

    • Thanks so much for leaving a comment Phil and wonderful to hear that you really enjoyed Mark’s ‘Return to Presence’ workshop. I’m glad you’re staying with us and I look forward to hearing from you again. Namaste.


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