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Taking Action Steps Despite the Apparent Competition

November 14, 2010 By: fiona Category: Taking action

As I continue on this path of exploration I realise that I am becoming easily distracted by what lots of other people around me are doing. Sometimes I imagine these things are relevant and other times they are completely random.

I’m aware that my subconscious beliefs are dictating what I do and how I do it. I imagine that I’m not doing things fast enough or well enough. And then I start to get nervous and find myself coming off course.

Since I have started this blog and made a statement as to what I would like to work towards, it’s amazing how many examples of similar things have begun to manifest in my world. If I were to allow these things to block my view and undermine my confidence, I would never get going.

It is so true that Richard Branson would never have got to where he is if he had been put off by some of the larger companies that were already doing what he was aiming to do.

I’ve found it a bit unnerving when people closer to home have strangely started doing things I have talking about doing, suddenly, totally out of the blue. But when I take a moment to find stillness, I see that the universe is simply challenging me, urging me forward, helping me to get clarity and take steps where I might have stood still in my moments of indecision. It’s so easy to act like a rabbit sitting there frozen in the light cast by the oncoming cars.

The particular people I am referring to are, in my eyes, doing a fabulous job. I could really feel quite small and insignificant alongside them. ……or not.

As I contemplated my feelings of unworthiness this morning, I realised that this could always go two ways. Either I withdraw, deciding that I won’t take the challenge. Or I become galvanized into action, deciding to take others’ actions as an example and overcoming my fears to move forward.

I’m opting for moving forward and am now making a mental note to set something into action that I was procrastinating about.

So thank you to those of you who have unknowingly stepped forward and got me going again. You’ve done me a service and I’m grateful for that.

49 Comments to “Taking Action Steps Despite the Apparent Competition”

  1. reading your blogs,is like reading myself….I’m just more lost than you! :s not sure of what I’m doing/or supposed to do…procrastination & lack of self believe- so curl up..especially, as you say,see others ‘doing it ‘ already – & well .so it’s easy to get put off…(silk mandalas come to mind!;) lol) …… goal setting is 1 thing, but when you’re not sure what to do? or exactly sure of what’s simply ‘a good idea’ ..but not what you’re supposed to do. ‘They ‘ also talk about ‘letting the will of heaven work through you’ ( not necessarily religious) as though,you’re supposed to do something,& you mustn’t let you’r own will or ego get in the way…..(or is that simply my procrastination again??! )

    You’ll be alright Fiona, you’ve got a good heart,good ideas & good’re motivated & talented…it’ll work out for you.:) just keep on trucking ….:) xx

    • Bless you Tilly for your comments and support. I’m so pleased that these words resonate with you. We’re all the same deep within and it’s always uplifting to see and hear that others are going through the same stuff. It’s always a huge step to get past the inner resistence and excuses and take action. It’s lovely to have you as company along the way.

      Mirroring your last paragraph right back to you Tilly. xxx Thank you.x

  2. Fiona, I think you’ve been reading my mind when it comes to feelings of unworthiness. With the internet a person sees just how many talented people there are out there in this wonderful world. It makes me feel insignificant. If anyone is motivated, it is you. Even though I’ve never met you personally, I’ve seen what you have accomplished through the internet and am in awe of your many talents. Thank you for putting your thoughts down for me to read. I don’t feel so alone in my thoughts.

    • Barbie, thank you so much. Isn’t it so lovely to know that we aren’t alone with our fears and worries. Thank you for your comments and just remember that whatever you perceive in others is something inherent within yourself. xx

      Seeing the internet as a mirror of our own potential. :-)

  3. I totally agree with you Fiona, this universe gives so many signs which sometimes go unnoticed. If one can draw goodness from every single thing that comes across, there should be no barriers for growing – materialistically and spiritually.

    You know I am a fan of yours. Thanks for your good work!

    • Thanks so much Radha. Yes, when we can see the benefits to everything and utilise it for our growth, then there are no limits to our progress. I’m glad you are enjoying these posts. x

  4. Fiona. Great insight. My thoughts are not so much of unworthiness but of just not being good enough. i know I have to potential to be good, even great, I am just not sure how to go about it. But I am taking steps, getting trained, and learning from the best, yourself included so thanks for your words. It is good to know I am not alone

    • Julie, it’s lovely to get feedback from you. And I think we’re on the same page there when we have thoughts of not being good enough. It’s so great when we realise that we’re not alone and that we can get inspiration from each other. Thanks for your comment. :-) x

  5. I believe that if we want to be successful, enjoy happiness, and become more confident, we must begin examining the areas that need improvement. It is important to make note of our thought patterns. Do they limit us? Are they getting in the way of what we want to achieve? Do they help us accomplish our goals? As you know, if we have a limiting belief system about money or success–if we worry or become afraid about the future–our subconscious mind will act on these beliefs and make them our reality. In many ways, we destroy our own life based on the limiting thoughts that we constantly have.

    Congratulations on leaving your comfort zone and stepping forward into growth!

    Rachel Lavern
    Personal Transformation, Enlightenment and Development

    • Hi Rachel

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback. Isn’t it amazing how every thought forms our reality. And no matter how we are consciously acting or thinking, if this differs from our subconscious beliefs, then the subconscious wins every time. I know that everything serves a purpose and that nothing is inherently good or bad and so I seek to find the benefit in everything that I am creating in my life.

      Here’s to us all constantly stepping out of our comfort zones and manifesting maximum growth in our lives. Thanks and have a great day Rachel.

      Fiona :-) x

  6. Julie,

    I remember doing research when I started my blog so I started out knowing that I was the only one … LOL well not quite. But thats ok! we each have a unique voice and style that allows people to connect with us on their terms and ours. Just like Branson and Vaynerchuk .

    Very valid points that we shouldn’t see competition as a distraction, for our purpose in fact they can be used as a method of refocusing – see what they’ve dealt with and do it your way… your style and veracity of purpose will come through.

    Just remember people said Van Gogh & Picasso wasn’t good enough ( and every great artist), they told RB that Virgin Airlines wouldn’t work.

    You must communicate your passion, your love of what you do and that forges the link.

    Remember those lines from Desiderata
    “be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe,
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”

    Enjoyed your article very much and may have to blog a response :D

    Laine D
    Thoughts From A Broad

    • Thanks for your comments Laine. If we can always remember that the universe is unfolding as it should, then the struggling stops. And that’s when we have more energy to put into the things that are of value to us. Glad you feel inspired to blog in response.

      Fiona :-) x

  7. Life has a funny way of helping us to take steps that we wouldn’t have taken even a few months before. It is humbling to watch and sometimes scary to experience, but I know that I always come away a better person because of it.

  8. Thank you Fiona for barring your soul and letting us inside. Doubt and insecurity are powerful emotions – I’m glad you’re not going to let them get your down! Move forward with purpose and confidence – you’ll be fine!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

    • Hi Sharon – thanks for that encouragement. I’m so used to encouraging others and it’s really a totally new ball game when I put myself on the spot. :-) x

  9. Way to go! Way to not let someone else determine what you are going to do! The folks in your life that are now doing what you’ve talked about might not be where they are without you prompting them. You never know, someday you might hear someone close to you talk about something that prompts you in that direction!

    • Hi Jean,

      What a heartening message. Today I had another example of someone sending me an email promoting something almost exactly like what I have been thinking of. And I just thought….good for them. I’ll be doing that very soon and mine will have my very own flavour. :-)

  10. Hi Fiona,
    I know what you mean! But if there’s one thing that I have learned then it’s this: never compare yourself with others. You are unique and have your own talents and abilities. But like you already said, you can always be inspired by others for your own wisdom and personal growth.
    Like reading your blog very much,
    @ Flavor Designs

    • Thanks Franziska! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. It’s fascinating to really observe my reactions to things and listen to the dialogue going on that’s desperate to distract me. :-)

  11. After reading your post, the comments and other pages of yours I wanted to most graciously recommend some books and videos that may be helpful to your journey. I have found these to be most helpful in terms of enlightening me about the idea that our thoughts are energy. Since I am a more scientific minded person I have not been as persuaded by The Secret (movie) as I was What the Bleep Do We Know (this documentary powerfully changed the way I think). I also found the book Power Versus Force by Dr. David Hawkins (map of consciousness pg 68 OMG!)

    Lisa Ann Landry
    Vibrating positive energy…. what are you vibrating?

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your feedback. I agree totally about these recommendations of yours. I do have them on my shelf and have enjoyed reading them. Thanks a lot for mentioning them here. :-)

      I flew to Houston a couple of years ago and did some training with Dr. John Demartini who appeared in The Secret. His work has a hugely scientific basis although that doesn’t come over in the film due to him only being in it for such a short time. It’s interesting that the world tends to accept things when they are backed by science and yet the mystics have known many truths for a very long time. Science is on the brink of huge discoveries and then we can really take off.

      Nice meeting you Lisa. :-) x

  12. Fiona – This reminds me of when I bought my car … before you own it, you don’t see too many on the road, but then, once you drive home with it, you see them EVERYWHERE!

    Starting a new business, new venture, or even launching a new service or program seems to operate the same way. You make the declaration to move forward and then suddenly you notice many more people doing the same thing…

    If you approach it with the understanding that everything happens for a reason and that this IS just the universe testing you to see if you really want it, you can quiet the noise and keep moving forward.

    Great Reminder!
    Jennifer Bourn,

    • It’s like getting pregnant, too. :-) Thanks for you comments Jennifer. Yes, everything really does happen for a reason and you’re so right about it being a test. It helps me to get clear on why I am doing it, too. Here’s to quieting the noise. x

  13. Oh this is a topic very close to my heart and I have blogged about such things as not feeling quite good enough myself. I am constantly working on this so thanks for another reminder.
    Louise Edington
    International AuPair Finder
    Facing Fears and Frontiers over Fifty.

  14. Helen Keller said something which I think applies here, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

    I’m looking forward to more postcards from you journey.

    Michael Cavitt
    Reducing ambiguity. Increasing results.

  15. Thanks Michael. Love Helen’s words of wisdom. :-) x

  16. I so know those ways that a sense of being inadequate can crowd out the positive forces to move ahead! I think many of us find this topic creeping into our blogs (or moving more aggressively into everything we think and write!) I do find writing and actively exploring the thoughts and feelings essential to finding my way in this world. Congrats on another day and more forward movement!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

    • Thanks Judy. It helps me to acknowledge it, not pretend that I’m above all that. And then focus to take action. And even if I feel that I can’t immediately take action, not be hard on myself.

  17. i’m glad you’re opting to take the challenge + move forward! that is much more inspiring, positive, + proactive than withdrawing, + i’m sure will leave you feeling better in the long run. i also like the way you are expressing gratitude towards those who are accomplishing those tasks + actions that you want to, rather than jealousy – it shows your positivity + support of others.


    • Thanks Amy. I’ve learned that feeling happy for others and their achievements actually contributes towards my own success. Feeling resentful towards them is paramount to me not giving myself permission to do the same. Lovely to meet you! :-) x

  18. Fiona…You are a brave soul to share so openly. I have just started reading a wonderful book by Marie Forleo called “Make Every Man Want You”. Now don’t get thrown by the title…the subtitle really says more about the book…”how to be so irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself!” It begins in such an empowering wonderful way and is written to bring out the confident, beautiful, irresistible woman in everyone of us. I’m so glad you found us at Blogger Monday and look forward to learning more about you and your journey.

    Darcie Newton
    Using Real Estate to Fuel Retirement

    • Thank you Darcie for this recommendation. I must admit I was smiling when I read the title. But hey, I’d love to bring out the ‘confident, beautiful, irresistible woman in myself’. I’ll check that one out. I’m glad too that I found the site. And I’m glad you’ve visited my page. :-) x

  19. Good for you, Fiona! I appreciate you sharing so transparently about your fears and the thoughts holding you back. What a great leap in the journey to choose to use the actions of those around you as fuel for your own fire rather than as obstacles!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more about your next steps.

  20. Fiona – it sure is easy to get lost in the crowd. In actuality, it would be very rare to find that our ideas are entirely unique, but it is our unique selves that make our ideas unique – you and your perspective will bring something different to the table.

    I was struck by this sentence: “It’s so easy to act like a rabbit sitting there frozen in the light cast by the oncoming cars.” I had a pet rabbit and he hated to be held, but everyday I picked him up and held him tightly. At first you could feel his little heart beating so hard (“frozen in the headlights”), but then there was a point where you could feel the “relax” – he sort of sighed, his heart slowed and he relaxed. I don’t think he really had a moment of clarity (bunnies aren’t known for their brains,) but we, as humans, if we take a moment to breathe, we get the big picture (and that there is room for all of us.)

    Pat Zahn
    Photo Solutions Superhero

    • Thanks Pat. Yes, we need to keep remembering that there is room for us all. And thanks for sharing the story about your bunny.

  21. I think it is excellent how you have continued to focused on your goals and slowly, yet definitely the universe is moving to support you in that goal.

  22. Fiona, this is such a great blog post. I truly feel like I am reading myself. Sometimes I find I get so distracted with what others are doing in similar areas as my business and I start to question if what I am doing is good enough – there are so many people who appear to be doing more (and better I sometimes think) which sometimes results in a paralysis of analysis where I start to over-think what I am doing. it helps to remind ourselves that we are unique with individual talents and experiences, with a lot to offer so it is important to move forward and continue to overcome the obstacles and mindset. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  23. Hey Fiona- Welcome to Blogger Monday! From the looks of your post you are going to be a great addition.

    I’m a true believer in the Universe providing what we need and want. When we look at other people and feel jealousy or competition, then that’s what we are going to get and what we want is going to be a struggle.

    I love that you see that and recognized what you were doing. By being grateful for these other people, you have just made what you are doing stronger. And since you are you, you will, as you say, have your own flavor!

    Can’t wait to find out what it is!

    Candace Davenport ~ Little Books with a Big Message

    • Hi Candace – thanks for the welcome. Feeling happy for others for their successes certainly bounces back to us manifold. Life really is an amazing journey, isn’t it?

  24. Fioana while other may be something similar no one has your experiences and perspective. You are a one of a kind.

    Congrats on moving forward.

  25. Interesting that I found your post today, the day that my husband and I had lunch with a friend and we all ended up talking about “the secret” and how well it is been working in our friend’s life. Hubby said in the convo that he keeps having the book talk about “the secret” almost like it is a personal message from the Universe beating him upside the head so he will take that action step (since he has apparently been ignoring it up til now). We’ll see how ling it takes him to download it to read;) I hope it is soon because now I’m ready to state and project thoughts that will manifest my goals and dreams!! Thanks for my own little Universe nudge with your blog post;)

  26. Yes!!!! xx


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