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Coming Home to a New Way of Being

The Cosmic Web and a New Way of Being

October 14, 2010 By: fiona Category: Inspirations

A very warm welcome to The Cosmic Web, a space I have opened up to share the process of coming home to a new way of being.

And the point comes when you realise that there is a job to be done. That there is a new way of being.

And all that remains to do is to respond to those deep inner promptings and allow that divine spark within full expression. Fully surrendering now and creating space for the joyful expression of who I AM.

In gratitude.

12 Comments to “The Cosmic Web and a New Way of Being”

  1. sounds personally familiar Fiona.

    There’s been much preparation & now It feels like the timing is right for many to start becoming active.


  2. Colin Appleby says:

    A lovely website. May your dreams come true.

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhh the first steps have been taken
    congrats Fiona

  4. Well done Fiona it is looking good. Am I supposed to be able to subscribe to this on the link at the top? if so I think there is a problem.

    • Thanks Janet. And thanks for the feedback about the subscribe button. I’ll get techie help onto that immediately. :-) ) x

  5. Spiritual community has been at the center of my life in one form or another for many years–wonderful to see it created in a new venue but with the same intent: to create a web of people whose spiritual paths can intertwine for the evolution of all.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Maridel. It’s lovely to know that we are on the same path. We are all ultimately going to the same place. x

  6. I am always so happy to support you, Fiona, and pray for your dreams to be fulfilled in every possible way. Also praying you will find just exactly what you most truly need. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much for your support and loving thoughts Donna. I really appreciate it in many ways. Blessings to you too. xx


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